• Las Comadres

Comadres Cover the Central American Caravan for Fierce MiTú

Carina and Jennifer go to the US- Mexico border to cover a solidarity action between immigrant activist and refugees from the Central American Caravan. Published on Fierce MiTú:

"Though refugees have had to overcome traumas and now face uncertainty in the U.S., there is a strong sense of hope and solidarity with the allies who have aided them throughout their journey. As seen during other international migrant crisis, it is often local and transnational community groups who step in to support and hold governments accountable. Claudia Treminio, one of the members of Movimiento Cosecha that walked from Los Angeles to meet the caravan, explains that while she felt physical and emotional exhaustion, it was nothing in comparison to the distance her paisanos traveled. As someone who came to the U.S. from El Salvador as an unaccompanied minor in 2000, Treminio empathizes with their struggle and feels a responsibility to humanize the caravan members. “Even though there’s so much hate and racism in this country, there’s also a community that loves them and is fighting for them,” she told us."

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